Doppelmayr D-Line

Partner: GRÜBL Automatisierungstechnik GmbH,
Location: Wolfurt


Andreas Dunst - Prokurist

Ing. Andreas Dunst
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How Doppelmayr manufactures modern and individual D-line series cable cars at the highest levels of efficiency.

The name “D-line” at Doppelmayr/Garaventa represents a new generation of cable cars in which everything has been rethought: New levels of comfort, new technology, new features, new design, new ways of manufacturing. The result is a generation of cable cars that is comfortable, quiet and smooth. The systems can be easily maintained and can be made individually unique. All this can be traced back to the production line, since only the sum of precisely made components, manufactured in precise processes, result in a high performance and reliable cable car.

Unique items efficiently manufactured

Every cable car today is developed uniquely for the customer. This inspired Doppelmayr/Garaventa to develop the manufacturing process further. The company GRÜBL Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, evon’s partner for many years, was responsible for the successful design, development and realization of the production management system over the course of the digitalization process. Different departments and processes are much more closely networked by using evon XAMControl, which has led to high added value and a reduction of daily work effort.

The D-line production line in the Doppelmayr factory in Wolfurt (A) is the first plant with visual support and the documentation of all assembly steps. Every action is documented, tools and material are ordered and procured automatically.

This results in everything being close at hand, delays and mistakes are practically eliminated. The employee can see what is to be done on the large monitor located at the working station.

Systematically Networked

Now the work instructions are generated, with no detours, by evon XAMControl directly from the CAD and system data that the cable car engineers create in the technical offices. This ensures maximum efficiency and accuracy. On average, 150,000 lines of code are created for each individual cable car station completely automatically and uniquely. Electronic screwdrivers, tools and jigs receive their parameters, the employees receive detailed instructions for the work steps.

This digitalization step not only reduces the work effort in assembly, but also moves analysis and quality assurance to a new level. Almost 2,500 lines of code are played back as a result of the production process. They form the basis for documentation and also for the active process improvement. In the future, the intention is to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to help improve further.

Human Factor

A process can only be as good as the employee that applies it. The new evon XAMControl visualization offers a charming option to help avoid the anonymity of producing station components. The name of the cable car and the flag of the customer’s country for the current component is displayed on the upper left of the monitor of each workstation. This way, the employees know which cable car guests will enthuse about the quality of their work in the future.


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