evon XAMControl and Water Supplies

Water supply and wastewater treatment are considered critical infrastructure. This results in a series of requirements being placed on process control systems. The main functions are control, networking, monitoring, reporting and notification. evon XAMControl represents a modern and future-proof process control system that fulfils all requirements and will simplify the operation of your plant.


Simple and Easy to Understand

The visualization in evon XAMControl ensures that all processes are displayed in neat and clear structures. From a geographical overview based on maps, via a schematic network overview to processes, silos and pump stations: All data is available in real-time and accessible from anywhere in the world via an encrypted internet connection.


Open to the Diversity of the Market

evon XAMControl is open to a wide range of products and manufacturers. Classically, system components are programmed with the manufacturer’s specific software and then integrated into a higher level control system, evon XAMControl. Communication between them is via OPC UA, Siemens TCP, Modus TCP, ADS, etc.

Of course, evon XAMControl can also be used as a continuous instrumentation and control system, in which it also takes care of the control.


Real-time Data and Notification

Critical infrastructure in particular requires the comprehensive recording of data. evon XAMControl offers exact and efficient data acquisition in real-time. The data is displayed in diagram form in the dashboard and enables the reporting of different modes (threshold-cyclic, time-synchronous, event-triggered).

In order to ensure rapid on-site support, evon XAMControl includes a comprehensive alarm notification system (directly in the visualization and via SMS and email.


Always Available

Safety requires a well-thought out concept in the background. evon XAMControl was designed from the start as a redundant system and fulfils all requirements regarding high availability.

Available in different versions, depending on the requirement for critical infrastructure: From redundant server that, in the event of an outage, automatically assumes control, up to a redundant network and power supply with a minimum operating time (UPS). Of course with automatic notification via SMS or email.


Maintenance and Very Simple Use

Alongside security and high levels of availability, the focus of evon XAMControl is on simplifying continuous operation. For example, all documents (documentation, data sheets, electrical plans, work and safety notices) can be integrated and displayed with a mouse-click. At the same time, workflows for service and maintenance work can also be stored, linked with operating hour counters or fault notifications and directly allocated to an employee. Simply via email or SMS.

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