Building management with evon XAMControl

evon XAMControl - the manufacturer-independent building management system combines efficiency, flexibility, comfort, and investment protection for you as a planner, system integrator, and investor. Modern building automation systems need to fulfil a series of requirements. As a powerful software platform, evon XAMControl enables the automation of your systems and integrates different suppliers and systems in a very simple way.

Building management with evon XAMControl

As a building management system, evon XAMControl networks all manner of real estate, whether it is a new or an existing building. It is a central and open system than integrates all services, offers multiple interfaces to third party systems, and is certified according to BACnet (OWS, AWS).


Building Automation with evon XAMControl

evon XAMControl is the central software in building automation for continuous operation. All data is acquired and visualised using cutting-edge technology. The efficient 5-step engineering method and the already existing libraries (ACC Store) support efficient implementation. All building management functions (steering, control, data acquisition, and evaluation) are combined in a single software platform.

Room automation in a smart office

evon XAMControl enables the complete control of lighting, shading, and temperature adjustment with high flexibility depending on user behaviour. Integrated interfaces: BACnet, KNX, Modbus, DALI, SMI, EnOcean, etc. Simple import and configuration possibilities are available to help implement flexible solutions. In addition to the classical applications, evon XAMControl also offers features for open and shared spaces applications.


Energy management with evon XAMControl

To ensure that your building handles resources carefully and that it can be continuously optimised, evon XAMControl provides an energy management system with easy-to-read dashboard showing all relevant data. evon XAMControl provides optimum support to obtain transparency regarding energy consumption, reduce costs, and in doing so also protect the environment.

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