Partner: Brüggemann GmbH & Co KG
Location: NRW, Germany

network engineer working in server room


  • Building management for the IT centre
  • Modbus cooling technology
  • Modbus energy meters (KBR energy meters)
  • Modbus differential current monitoring
  • EIB/KNX connection to lighting and alarm messages BMA/EMA/USV/NEA
  • Ventilation unit
  • 800 data points
  • 1 SCADA server (redundant)
  • 2 PLC stations (redundant)

This project dealt with a backup IT centre that had been constructed to replace individual servers at distributed locations in throughout Europe and install them in a central IT centre.

XAMControl was able to handle a variety of interfaces and cover the requirement for a redundant fail-safe system.

This was made possible by the marrying of technologies from industrial and traffic control applications with the technologies from building management systems.

Commissioning was carried out by Brüggemann with evon support for application development and commissioning.


Christian Hofer evon
  • Christian Hofer Sales Building Management Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • 0049 172 73 49 193

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