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Client: Hepp-Schwamborn GmbH & Co. KG, Location: Mönchengladbach

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  • Highly available and fail-safe building management system
  • Consistent Multi-Space design enables arbitrary configuration of rooms without reprogramming
  • Integration of evon XAMControl App in NEW’s employee App for individual control of the workplace (light, shading, temperature, presence ...)
  • Connection to systems for fire alarm, intrusion detection, emergency lighting, PV system and meters for energy and heat consumption
  • Interfaces: Modbus, BACnet, OPC-UA, KNX, M-Bus, HTML

Office World 4.0: economic, energy-efficient, needs-driven and functionally fit for purpose.

The communal service company NEW employs approximately 2200 people and provides almost 400,000 customers with electricity, around 150,000 with gas and nearly 100,000 with drinking water. Other business divisions include the disposal of waste water, the management of public baths and local public transport in the region of Niederrhein. The new construction of a visionary office building for NEW Netz GmbH (NEW) in Mönchengladbach with a total area of more than 5000 m2 represented a challenge in terms of automation for evon’s partner Hepp-Schwamborn GmbH & Co. KG.

Innovative Approach

evon XAMControl was selected as an innovative and open automation platform with a focus on the connection between IT and building management equipment. The building management system enables the economic, energy-efficient, needs-driven and functionally fit for purpose operation of the building without high and additional effort in terms of time and personnel. Since the system is open and powerful, any extension in the future to other NEW properties will not pose a problem.

Modern LED Lighting Concept

The lighting concept combines modernity with functionality. Thanks to Multi-Space, the focus lies on the improved communication and interaction between co-workers. The 2500 m2 of office space and large sections of the general purpose area are equipped with LED profiles. The entire lighting system is DALI dimmable. Presence detectors detect the presence of people and, together with the LED technology, help to save energy.
The XAMControl App (iOS and Android) from evon is integrated in NEW’s employee App and provides information regarding presence and simplifies the operation of lighting and shading.

Integrated Overall Concept

A weather station acquires temperature, humidity and even the brightness and incidence angle of sunlight. This information is used to control the building’s sun protection elements. The goal is to prevent glare and support the air conditioning system. The ventilation systems are capable of waste heat recovery to help save energy and ensure a comfortable room climate. The temperature is controlled via activation of the concrete core. The employed cooling systems use environmentally compatible cooling media and use the possibility of “free cooling” during night-time hours. The data technology implementation is trend-setting since the workplaces are connected using category 8 Ethernet cabling. The entire building is equipped with Cisco Access Points.
The safety systems (fire alarm, intruder alarm and emergency lighting system) work autonomously and are connected via Gateways to the central building management system.

Consistent Communication Concept using evon XAMControl Command Centre

A truly innovative building requires a consistent communication concept for the building management system. Thanks to evon XAMControl, not only is the controller, but also the bus systems KNX, DALI right up to the shade controllers are all implemented in the building management system. Added to this are important functional units such as the fire alarm system, an intruder alarm system and emergency lighting systems that are integrated via Modbus, BACnet, OPC-UA, KNX and M-Bus. All data relating to energy are acquired and visualized centrally in evon XAMControl. This includes the PV system and the meters for energy and heat consumption. The centrally gathered data forms the basis for the analysis and optimization of energy consumption. The redundant and consistent measurement, acquisition and control system is also equipped with an integrated document management and simultaneously central information system for service, maintenance and repair.


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