The Ticket System for 27 Tunnels

Client: SPIE OSMO GmbH
Location: Leverkusen


Ingo Eichmann

Group Lead Automation & Control Centre Technology
M. +49 5401 858 240


SPIE OSMO has equipped the new control centre in Leverkusen with a modern ticketing system based on evon XAMControl.

SPIE OSMO, a company with more than 300 employees in Georgsmarienhütte in Niedersachsen, uses evon XAMControl for their ticketing system in their newly constructed control centre in Leverkusen. The system manages alarms, faults, and the maintenance of the roads and 27 tunnel systems in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

OTIM – The OSMO Ticket Information and Management System Based on evon XAMControl

OTIM is connected via OPC UA to the existing control system. The tickets are also displayed in the control system according to priority or operator definition. Each type of alarm has an associated emergency plan or AGAP. Each ticket has allocations to the tunnel and to the equipment (such as fire, ventilation, traffic management system, etc.). The predefined groups and measures determine who internally and which company externally is to be notified, and which items are to be worked on to close the ticket (to-do list). Over and above this, any required documents are automatically attached to the ticket. All steps are automatically documented (who did what or called who). Notes and documents can be supplemented by the operator at any time.

Integrated Maintenance Calendar

Thanks to the integration of the maintenance calendar, maintenance for all 27 tunnel systems can be organised, managed, and even fault tickets can be created for maintenance activities. The blackboard function makes information compertaining to tunnel system visible to all operators.

Modern Communication

The direct connection of the telephone systems enables calls from OTIMS’ address management. The calls are automatically documented and can be annotated. In order to simplify shift handover, there is a dashboard that enables the shift managerto display targeted information to his operators: Either for a defined period of time, or until the specified operator acknowledges, naturally with a comment function for the operator. Thanks to the predefined evaluation of the tickets, operators are able to create and send evaluations with a single click. If required for data protection reasons, certain areas of the report can be blacked out.



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