Phoenix Contact

Partner: R+S Group
Location: Vienna, Austria



  • 1 Server
  • 1 redundant PLC with multi-touch operation
  • Interfaces: M-Bus, Mod-Bus room control units, Mod-Bus Phoenix PLC for lighting control
  • 591 data points

Our scope of supply

  • Application
  • Commissioning support

Phoenix’s headquarters in Vienna is one of three company locations within Austria.

The project, which covered the implementation of a building management system, saw the first encounter of Phoenix contact hardware with XAMControl.

Since the system has been designed to be hardware independent, it was possible for us to implement the application in a very short time.

The complete existing building management technology library could be reused. During the project implementation phase, the communication library was extended with the Phoenix hardware components.

The commissioning was done by the R+S Group.


Christian Hofer evon
  • Christian Hofer Sales Building Management Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • 0049 172 73 49 193

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