evon XAMControl
functional range

People say that today every child can use a smartphone. What about your automation solution? We would suggest usability and openness combined with a powerful functional scope.


  • 2D and 3D vector graphics with animation
  • Open standards for graphics description (XAML)
  • Multitouch
  • Extendable via high-level programming language (C#)
  • HTML5 visualisation
  • Integrate proprietary or third-party libraries
  • Free zooming, panning, decluttering and scaling
  • Multi-monitor operation
  • Multiple selection
  • DirectX support
  • Monitor resolution independent
  • Theme Support
  • Support of all popular graphical formats (jpg, png …)


  • Switchable online
  • Multibyte character set (Chinese and Cyrillic characters)
  • Automatic translation with “Google Translate”
  • Excel import and export

Drivers and Interfaces

  • Over 200 available drivers
  • Several different and simultaneous drivers
  • Unified configuration and monitoring
  • Relocation of drivers to other computers to distribute load
  • Drivers are available on all levels (PLC, SCADA)
  • OPC 2.0 and UA, SIMATIC S7, Modbus, IEC60870-5-105, BACnet, SNMP, EIB, Mbus, MP-Bus, DMX, DALI, ENOcean …
  • Field level: Pro bus DP, Modbus TCP and RTU, Beckhoff ADS, M-Bus …
  • Open API interface

Alarm Management

  • Freely definable alarm groups with up to 32,767 different priorities and freely selectable attributes (alarm colours including flashing, method of acknowledgement, icons …)
  • Functions for aggregate alarms of groups, objects and visualisation views
  • Alarm screen with freely definable column selection and extended sort and filter options
  • Direct guidance via click to process view with the alarmed object
  • Comments and alarm notes (also mandatory)
  • Configurable online
  • Freely configurable alarms via alarm groups with sms and/or email including escalation mechanisms
  • Automatic optical highlighting of objects with alarms in the visualisation
  • Textual speech output, saving of audio files etc.
  • Pareto evaluation of alarm occurrence frequency and alarm duration
  • Log for historical evaluation
  • Hiding of system components on different operating stations

User Management

  • Complete access security with optional integration in Windows Active Directory
  • Several access right levels
  • Automatic and complete documentation of user interventions
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 conform
  • Up to 1024 user groups and unlimited number of users
  • Strong password, password expiration, auto-logoff, etc.
  • User administration applicable to all functionality (alarms, operation, reporting, configuration, etc.)

Help Desk/Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance support
  • Trouble ticketing
  • IBN support
  • Allocation of responsibilities (and automatic notification via sms and or email on request)
  • Step-by-step user guidance during an event (including checklists, documents …)
  • Direct representation of the object in the visualisation
  • Transfer of information at change of shift (notes)
  • Up to 2000 freely definable groups (description, icon, notification behaviour, …)
  • New entries can be simply created using drag&drop
  • Complete documentation stored in the database
  • Pre-populated reports


  • Web reports via Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Report editor for SSRS (bar charts, tables, pie diagrams, pivot tables …)
  • Excel reports
  • Built-in alarm journal, Pareto, user interventions up to reports directly on the object with a range of filter possibilities
  • Open database model and pre-populated views and functions
  • Automatic report generation and dispatch via email
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 conform
  • Excel, CSV, PDF export

Trending & Database

  • All data are stored in a central database (base data, data model, process data, production data, etc.)
  • SQL standard
  • Open database model
  • FDR 21 CFR part 11 conform
  • Threshold value, cyclical, time-synchronous and event-triggered data recording
  • Realtime data acquisition in the PLC
  • Data recording online configuration (including Excel for mass data)
  • Database redundancy up to cluster systems for all data
  • Simple quick export to Excel, CSV and PDF
  • Representation of current (live trend) and historical data
  • Free scaling, time shift of traces, automatic scaling
  • Ruler function
  • Multiple and common axes
  • Inclusion of different object simply by drag&drop in the trend display
  • Creation of user-defined trend summaries
  • Free zoom
  • Representation of alarms in the trend display
  • Context-specific trend evaluations directly on the object in the visualisation
  • Database is scalable from small applications up to big data applications

Integrated Development Environment

  • Central programming and configuration of the complete automation landscape
  • Transfer of programmes to controllers via drag&drop
  • Object-oriented programming in the automation landscape (visualisation and control)
  • PLC programming in IEC 61131-3 and/or high level language C#
  • Programming of the visualisation via graphical editor and extension in high level C#
  • Simple backup/restore of the complete solution
  • Generation of programmes, visualisation, IO and driver configuration via Solution Generator (Excel import)
  • Excel integration for simpler processing of mass data
  • Offline simulation capability
  • Offline data monitoring
  • Multi-lingual translation (Excel, Google Translate …)
  • Seamless integration of the app store (Upload, download and versioning of libraries)

Established Field Devices

Recommended components:

  • B&R X20-Serie
  • Beckhoff K-Bus
  • Siemens ET200s, ET200m
  • Phoenix Contact IO
  • Wago IO System 750

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