evon XAMControl

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Then take a look at the XAMControl highlights …


Redundancy and High Availability

  • Hot standby as integrate system function
  • Disaster recovery system (2x2 redundancy). This system extends the basic redundancy with a second redundant system that can be switched to in the event of a disturbance (e.e.g fire or explosion in the building of the primary system). This additional redundancy provides the maximum degree of fail-safety.
  • Automatic client switching
  • Automatic recovery
  • Automatic process state and history alignment
  • Automatic synchronisation of project files
  • Redundant networks (LAN)
  • Available on PLC and SCADA levels


Consequent and consistent Object Orientation

  • AutomationControlContainer (ACC) unifies programmes, graphics, operation views, documentation, alarm and trend configuration, multi-lingual translations, etc.
  • Inheritance of data, methods and graphics
  • Data encapsulation
  • Defined interfaces for object linking
  • Nesting of objects
  • Locking - protection of intellectual property


Completely Based on a Database

  • Microsoft SQL server
  • High availability via mirroring up to SQL cluster systems
  • Simple applications up to big data applications
  • Configuration data (data models, views, programmes, etc.)
  • Runtime data (trends, alarm journals, etc.)
  • Operating data, production data


Libraries/App store

  • Online store with ready-to-use libraries for buildings, industry and traffic
  • Over 1700 automation objects
  • Tested, documented and ready-to-use
  • Version control (source management)
  • Compatible
  • Rapid, better and efficient engineering
  • Private/protected store for customers


The Virtual PLC

By virtualising the PLC, i.e. its automation functionality, a previously unattained abstraction level can be achieved for automation hardware. This enables the complete project on a laptop or PC to be develped, tested and simulated completely decoupled from the field hardware. Only then is the virtualised PLC distributed to the actual runtime environment, i.e. hardware. The system ensures the necessary data routing between the distributed units. This allows the application developer to concentrate completely on the problem statement, process control and monitoring.


Document Management

  • Integrated system function
  • E-plans, system documentation, schematics, data point lists, data sheets, reports, etc.
  • Integrated in the user rights management system
  • Directly editable documents (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Creation of write-protected PDF documents for other users
  • In a central database


Mathematics & Optimisation

evon XAMControl offers a complete working environment for the implementation of model-based control concepts and system optimisation. This begins with the tools for uncomplicated creation of models on the basis of historical data, the inclusion of thermodynamic, chemical or physical models, or a combination of all of these models. It reaches from comprehensive mathematical functions up to complete libraries and modules for a range of optimisation scenarios.


Microsoft Office Integration

  • Simple evaluation of operating data on the basis of automatically created Excel templates
  • Online mass data processing and system configuration
  • Simple documentation possibilities
  • From data point configuration to importing a complete project (Solution Generator)
  • Automatic document generator

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