MES modernizes Gsellmann’s mixed feed factory

In cooperation with our partner HIQUEL, modernisation of the mixed feed factory belonging to the company Gsellmann in Kohlberg (Styria) has begun.

Once the project has been completed, factory productivity will have been increased. This will be achieved through the replacement of the complete automation and process control system. The ERP system and the batch system will be merged over the course of the project to accelerate the jobs. The connecting element is MESControl, which is responsible for the coordination of all customer orders, material procurement and product deliveries. It acts as the basis for the new batch production in the mixed feed factory and merges all data from the stock list (ERP) and the recipes (Adifo) so that they can be easily and clearly provided to the foreman responsible for the mixing process. This will allow the jobs to be processed much faster than before and correctly allocated to delivery routes.

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